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PostFinance offers SDKs that wrap the RESTful API and make it even easier to integrate with our platform. The SDK you need depends on your server-side technology stack and on the clients that you want to support. The list below includes our current SDK offering.

We also offer direct access to our RESTful API for integration to our platform if you don't want to use any of our above mentioned SDKs. The API consists of two main parts: server-to-server and client-to-server functionality.


The server-to-server functionality is used by your server to communicate directly to the PostFinance platform. All methods in this part of the API need your secret API key to expose the functionality to allow for payments, refunds, etc. In all cases you will need this API to integrate your system with the PostFinance platform. Our Server SDKs fully wrap the server-to-server API.


The client-to-server functionality is used by your customers devices such as mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers to request information from PostFinance which is needed to render the payment pages and to encrypt sensitive information. You will only need the client-to-server API if you build the payment pages yourself. You do not need it if you choose to use our hosted payment page solution. The browser and mobile SDKs fully wrap the client-to-server API. 

If you use technologies that are not covered by our SDKs you can always use our APIs directly.