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Welcome to the developer hub of PostFinance. This is the place where you will find technical information on the interfaces of PostFinance' products and services to quickly start playing around with our APIs.


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Define your needs for payment integration

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Setup SDK, Plugin or hosted pages

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Test a payment & go live!


MyCheckout hosted payment page

Use our fully responsive hosted payment pages secured by PostFinance to  relieve you from PCI compliance burden. With MyCheckout Editor, you can easily  customize the look and feel of your pages while remaining fully secured.

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Easy development with our SDKs

Save valuable platform specific development time and use our SDKs to integrate with our APIs. We created several SDKs for the PostFinance platforms, such as native iOS and Android for our Client API and an advanced JavaScript SDK for web-technology based implementations. All the SDKs are available as open source on our GitHub page or accessible via the SDK documentation.

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